With lacrosse gaining in popularity across the United States, Level Up Lacrosse at Danvers Indoor Sports, aims to prepare youth to play at the recreational and competitive lacrosse levels. Fundamental skills are at the core of Level Up programming to make the athletes better players on the field and reach their ‘goals’. Level Up Lacrosse Coaches emphasize the basics of passing, catching, shooting, dodging, and more! They believe that through repetition and the replicating of game situations, young athletes will improve quickly and be better prepared for whatever level of play they are pursuing. Level Up Lacrosse coaches believe that a lacrosse athletes journey begins with enjoying the game.

Boys Skills Classes

Time to get to the next level! Players will work on passing, catching, shooting, dodging, off-ball movement, defensive footwork and offensive awareness.

Boys Grades 2-3
Wednesdays, January 4-January 25
Wednesdays, February 1-March 8

Boys Grades 4-5
Thursdays, January 5-January 26
Thursdays, February 2-March 9

Boys Grades 6-8
Thursdays, January 5-January 26
Thursdays, February 2-March 9